Event Manager


President ASI: Dr. Suresh C. Hari

Let us meet at Gujarat University Convention Center, Ahmedabad
You should come to the ASICON 2013, 73rd Annual conference of The Association of Surgeons of India at Ahmedabad (being hosted by Gujarat state Chapter) for a number of very good reasons: The academics are always second to none. The grand Mela and social interaction between fellow ASICON delegates will be a visual treat. For the Young surgeons in the profession the seniors are more than willing to share their vast knowledge and experience. This conference will help you take home some messages which will be useful in your profession.

You will get a chance to meet the senior Faculty of our great association. Knowledgeable presenters and national and international exhibitors will all be there to greet and inform you.

Gujarat is the only state with surplus Electricity in India, known for Hospitality and great vegetarian cuisine.

Ahmedabad is an amazing city, at No. 3 in Forbes list of fastest growing city in 2010.

The organizing Committee led by Dr. Kaushik Shah. Dr. Pankaj Modi and Dr. Bharat Panchal has made elaborate arrangements to make you comfortable and are ready to welcome you to Ahmedabad, Vibrant city of Vibrant Gujarat. Apart from the Live Operative Workshop, there shall be Orations, Guest lectures, Symposia and Panel discussions. For the presenters there shall be Free Papers and Poster presentations. The topics covered will be from basics to advanced surgeries, open to Laparoscopy and Rural to Robotic surgery ASICON 2013 is a great opportunity to meet conference goers, new friends and old friends Come with an inquisitive mind and have a wonderful time. Go back with fond memories.

Long Live ASI

Dr. Suresh Chandra Hari
Association of Surgeons of India

IMM. Past President ASI: Dr. Ramakant

Dear friends,

Greetings from the land of Love, Affection, Gratitude and self-esteem i.e. Lucknow. Let me start with an atmosphere of optimism. This can be initiated by establishing a culture of gratitude to all my honourable predecessors on whose strong shoulders this esteemed organization is progressing, to all of you who have imposed faith in me for the coveted post of your President in 2012 and my parents. I bow my head to real ladies in my life;

My mother…. The cradle of my being
My only daughter…. The apple of my eyes
And my wife, the wind beneath my wings!
And my pets who kept me inspired and infused UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in me and my heart.

“As the dawn breaks the innocence of the new morn, your incoming president and the rest of the incoming board of Governing council , WILL discern a mystic, alluring, yet strong bridge towards a very significant and joyful tomorrow. This vision is not only ours but for the rest of our fellow men.”

Your incoming president should be short and simple. Short, because it is obvious. Simple, because he will have nothing and no one to complicate his life with. Nonetheless, his commitment to the affairs of the ASI is hard to quantify. The year long struggle, frustrations but incessant efforts to put foundation for a much much better future for our beloved association will facilitate a better tomorrow.

The essence of this is far greater than all of us collectively. We are here to renew our professional vows and fortify our resolve to the ideals of what our organization stands for. As I reviewed the history, there were always four focal points that our past leaders meticulously and conscientiously addressed. They are; the organization herself, membership, annual conference and fellowship. Community service, patients, journal, Disaster cell, social security of families of surgeons, legal helps and advices, Training and Educational activities and international connections were not emphasized adequately. I hope next year and onwards the board of regents will try to address this equitably, not because they will learn from the legacy our seniors have left behind. The theme looks to me will be


I am confident that ASICON 2013 will surpass any past event. I offer my best wishes and blessings for the success of this event.


Yours ever, I mean it

Dr. Ramakant
Immediate Past President
Association of Surgeons of India

Hon. Secretary ASI: Dr. Shiva K. Misra

Esteemed Colleague,

Platinum jubilee greetings to you and your loved ones from the secretariat.

I, on behalf of the Association of Surgeons of India Secretariat and the organizing committee extend a very warm welcome to you to the 73rd Annual Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India – ASICON-2013, going to be held at Ahmedabad, Gujarat from 24th – 29th Dec., 2013. This mega annual event of Association of Surgeons of India is being organized by the Surgeons of Gujarat State Chapter (GSC-ASI), supported by Gujarat State Surgeons Association (GSSA) and hosted by Association of Ahmedabad Surgeons (AAS). The organizing committee, led by Dr. Pankaj Modi – Chairman, Dr. Kaushik Shah- Organizing Secretary and Dr. Bharat Panchal – Hony. Treasurer is working extremely hard to make this event memorable.

ASICON-2013 is going to be unique for many reasons. This is the platinum jubilee year of our beloved association and its 73rd Annual Conference is going to be organized at Ahmadabad, “the vibrant city of vibrant Gujarat”. The academics is the prime focus and learning from the past experiences a dedicated team is on the job to create a comprehensive scientific program keeping the interest of the distinguished delegate, whether it is live operative workshop, CME Lectures, Guest Lectures, Video Sessions, Orations, Panel Discussions and Symposia. In this congress focus is being given to the exciting and brain storming sessions on controversies and debates to keep away the monotony from the conference and popular sessions on “How I do it” by eminent surgeons will enrich our delegates. In addition to excellent academics our delegates will enjoy the rich culture, diverse heritage and famous food of Gujarat. Therefore, on behalf of organizing committee once again I extend a warm invitation to you and your family to Ahmedabad for an enriching and exciting ASICON-2013.

Long Live ASI,
With warm regards,

Dr. Shiva K. Misra
Honorary Secretary
Association of Surgeons of India

Hon. Treasurer ASI: Dr. Madhu Shekhar

Esteemed Colleague,

Greetings from ASI Head quarters and also from my home town ARMOOR of Andhra Pradesh State.

Its my proud previlage to extend warmest welcome to you and your beloved ones to 73rd annual conference of our Association, being held at Ahmedabad, the most happening city of our country. The organising committee led by the dynamic & committed trio of Governing council members of Gujarat state, Dr Kaushik, Dr Kiran kotari,Dr Sunil poppat, along with Surgeons of Ahmedabad & Gujarat state are making all the arrangements for the success of this grand event, which happens to be Platinium jublee year of our prestigious ASI. Apart from our regular Academics & Social gatherings, this conference is going to be unique in the sense that our ASI has been marching in to the new era by streamling our association activities. The ASI central excuetive led by the Dynamic President Dr Suresh chandra hari who is ever energitic & real fighting spirit in bringing out new change in ASI, ably supported by Honorary Secretary Dr S K Mishra and esteemed governing council members from all the States and also H.Q.office staff, are all resonsible for this new begining.

Today entire country & even most developing countries are looking at Gujarat State for the tremendous growth they made in the recent past. And in the same way every ordinary member of ASI is looking at Ahmedabad for the best things that happened in our association in the recent past in streamlining and bringing back the pride, morale, honour of our great ASI,which is represented by the cream of the society and great surgeons of this Land. As an eye witness to many things that happened and as Treasurer of ASI, I sincerely Hope and believe that this Ahmedabad conference welcomes and endorses the changes for the new beginning of Transperancy & Brotherhood in ASI, which will definitely attract many new & young surgeons of country in future to strengthen ourselves.

I welcome you once again and hope you will take home the sweet memories of Ahmedabad & Gujarat State chapter’s Hospitality along with Academic enrichment…

Dr. Madhushekhar Baddam...
Hon. Treasurer
Association of Surgeons of India